​​​​Awareness raising campaign to ensure compliance with the KSA's applicable laws and Directives

The Ministry of Haj and Umra​ imposes a wide range of laws and directives to ensure the convenience and safety of pilgrims by maintaining full compliance with the applicable laws and directives in the KSA, in conjunction with the relevant authorities such as the Directorate General of Passports whose purpose is to monitor the entry and limitation of the numbers of pilgrims and impose penalties on the Haj over stayers and unlicensed internal pilgrims.

The extensive awareness-raising campaign is intended to serve pilgrims the time they leave home for Saudi Arabia until they return home again through, multiple channels of printed and audio-visual media.

Also, The Saudi Customs is keen on facilitating the availability of land, sea and air entry points for the reception of pilgrims, and ensuring passage of pilgrims to and from the KSA with ease and convenience.

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