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Educational campaigns

On the basis of the MHU strategy for intensifying educational campaigns, the Ministry is applying a number of educational and media programs, in cooperation with the MHU's Information Center, through the following:



1-Directing the citizens and residents wishing to perform hajj to the regular official method for hajj.

2-Directing the citizens and residents to make a contract with the authorized companies and agencies by MHU and warning them against falling victims to fictitious campaigns.

3-The Ministry's adopting of educating the pilgrims via the e-track portal, where a number of instructions are given which help perform hajj with ease, among which are the health instructions and the instructions of grouping pilgrims for jamarat.



The MHU, upon signing the agreements with the countries' delegations, puts forward the conditions and criteria which oblige all pilgrims' representatives to carry out educational programs for their pilgrims at all levels, whether related to procedures, regulations, administration or other issues.

Educational Campaigns