The rights of external pilgrims

The MHU is performing a monitorial role to safeguard the stated rights of the external pilgrims according to the controls specified by the MHU, and in conformity with the binding contracts between the pilgrims' representatives (the offices of the pilgrims' affairs or the companies) and the pilgrim on the one hand, and the pilgrims' representatives and the service providers on the other hand, such as the services of housing, transportation, catering, logistics and accommodation at the holy shrines. Also, the MHU receives the pilgrims' complaints and remarks concerning the companies and agencies, then presents them to the concerned committee for examination and investigation in order to issue the appropriate decision on them. In addition, the MHU evaluates the reports it has on the performance of licensed parties during the season of hajj, together with the reports it receives from other concerned authorities in order to see into the pilgrims' complaints. It shall also impose penalties on the violating companies and agencies by fining them financially, stopping them from the service for one season or more, or cancelling their licenses.