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"Haj and Umra" Magazine Profile

The "Haj and Umra" magazine is one of the first government magazines   that was established during the reign of the KSA's founder King (May ALLAH rest his soul in peace) and is regarded one of the oldest specialized publications in the Arab and Islamic world, released in Rajab 1366 AH (May 1947).

This magazine provides the Muslim readership from across the globe with high-quality information product covering the rituals of Haj, Umra and the visits to the Major Shrines of Islam in Makkah and Madinah and enriching the Islamic culture in general through the use of a dispassionate objective approach. Basically, this magazine becomes a distinguished gathering of scholars and thinkers through its seven-decade history.

The "Haj and Umra" magazine is  published on monthly basis and reaches out over 90 Countries across the globe in both Arabic and English languages , distributed within a full range of educational and community centers ,organizations, businesses, and sold at all points of sale and distribution throughout all regions of the Kingdom.

The magazine can be accessed from the website of the Ministry of Haj and Umra. The monthly publication releases four annual supplements to cover special events in relation to the theme of its enlightening and media mission.

The magazine has gone through various stages: The first issue of the magazine was launched in Rajab 1366 AH (May 1947) under the name of "Haj" and changed its name in Dhu al-Hijjah in 1390 (February 1971) to "Islamic Solidarity". Then, it was back rebranded in its first name " Haj Magazine" in 1414 AH. It was developed later in Rabi' I in 1423 AH (June 2002) to take the name of "Haj and Umra​".

The magazine has made a qualitative leap forward in terms of form and content following the appointment of a new chief –editor professor Talal Hussein Qusti Pursuant to the Order of His Excellency the Minister of Haj, General Supervisor of the magazine, Dr. Bandar Bin Mohammed Hajjar promulgated on 01.04.1436 AH 

Given that a number of leading journalists, literary specialists and academics have rotated over the years as editors-in-chief of the magazine, and Mr. Hashim Bin Youssef Zouaoui had served as the first chief editor of the magazine.​

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