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E-participation aims at engaging the public is the decision-making process by giving suggestions, remarks and opinions using modern technology and interactive tools. The ministry is available through different social media channels to communicate with customers and take their opinions into consideration in order to raise the level of satisfaction and improve the quality of its services.


Terms and conditions of using e-participation tools:


Terms below are specified to regulate the process of interaction and participation in a way that serves the ministry's strategy:


1. Avoid using inappropriate language that violates the traditions and/or religion.


2. Ministry may delete or sensor certain types of content, such as:


 • Discrimination.


 • Security threat.


 • Insults or Violates other's privacy.


 • Inappropriate language.


 • Violates rules, terms and policies adopted by the ministry.


 • Insulting beliefs.


 • Supporting illegal activities.


 • Violating legal rights and/or copy rights.

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