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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

​​​​​​Privacy Policy

The privacy policy and conditions as indicated below shall be an integral part of your conditions to use the e-portal of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah​, kindly read carefully the privacy policy to understand how to deal with the e-portal of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in terms of all information and services provided by the Ministry of Hajj​ and Umrah through this Portal .This privacy policy has been written to clearly show our commitment to our visitors privacy.

Changes to be made in this policy:

In order to keep this website in good condition by gaining access and developing services in the future ,the e-Portal management shall reserve its right to modify this privacy policy from time to time as appropriate and any modification or update for any of these terms and conditions is in force once it is approved by the Portal Administration and the user’s continuation to use the portal in the light of the information set forth in this privacy policy shall be deemed as approval for the modifications made and the Portal Administration is not liable to announcing any updates made to these terms.


The Hajj Portal includes links to external websites available for your ease of reference, designed for easy access to some websites that offer some important services sought after by the user and the Hajj Portal is not responsible for the data collection practices. You can read the confidentiality policy and the content of those websites that are accessible via any link from the website of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and that this privacy policy does not cover the selected personal data to be given to such sites.

Information Security:

•The portal may take the appropriate measures to protect the portal against any loss, abuse or change of information available on the portal .however, we shall not guarantee maintaining confidentiality of the portal contents. We advise you to always operate anti-virus program against all the materials downloaded from the portal. In addition, it shall not be legally liable for any damages that may be caused to you or any third party as a result of violation of privacy regarding information that might be transferred to the portal.

•Type and amount of information received by the e-portal depend on how the user utilizes the website and we will consider all the information you submit as confidential. .the e-portal provides for information security measures against loss, abuse, or content modification. This is assured through the fact that only few authorized and trusted persons are dealing with these information. Once you read such data, you hereby agree to keep it confidential and your supplied information will be used in the answering of your queries, comments or requests from this portal.​

Legal liability:

This website shall be subject to the Anti-Cyber Crime Law and the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .The Saudi competent courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to examine any dispute arising in connection with the use of the e-portal. •You are solely responsible for the validity and integrity of the data you will send through this portal •In case of abuse or change of the contents of this portal without obtaining a written and official authorization from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, you will be subject to legal prosecution and you will be penalized in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


​The e-portal of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah periodically sends e-mails to its users, and by subscribing in the e-mail service at the e-portal, you hereby consent to receive these e-mails, given that the portal does not send any Spam advertising emails or Spam postings to mailing lists or groups, because it's against privacy.

The e-portal offers an unsubscribe link in your emails' footer. In the event of any messaging service complaint, you can send it immediately to us by e-mail:



​Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy of the e-portal of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah are welcomed .if you have any further enquiries at any time about the privacy policy , please contact the e-portal team of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah through our contact form or by e-mail: