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External Pilgrims
External Pilgrims

External Pilgrims

The procedures of the foreign pilgrims

The MHU adopts a method which is based on transparency and seeks to facilitate the pilgrims' procedures through the following steps:

·Procedures begin by signing the agreements on hajj arrangements between the states' delegations and the MHU, which include several terms and controls, and define the rights and duties of each party with utmost clarity and transparency.

·Equipping the e-track system of the external pilgrims for preparing and registering the service providers in the Kingdom (housing, transportation, catering, and the services of the Arbab Al-Tawaef Establishments).

·Executing the binding  contracts on housing, catering, transportation...etc. between the pilgrims' representatives (The offices of hajj affairs and tourist companies) and the service providers, in addition to monitoring the performance quality.

·After completing the contracts, the pilgrims' data are entered and sent to the authorities concerned in order to issue hajj permits.

·Afterwards, the MHU supervises and follows up the services provided to the pilgrims, in accordance with the contracts made since the arrival of the pilgrims to the entry points in the Kingdom until their departure.​