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Hajj E-Services

Hajj Regulations

Hajj Regulations

The MHU is adopting a bundle of smart systems that facilitate hajj rituals for the guests of Allah. They are as follows:​

1-E-track electronic system for the external pilgrims. It is an integrated system applied from the initiation of making binding contracts on housing, transportation and catering until the departure of the pilgrims. This e-track system, and the contracts it contains, allows for transparency and monitorial capability to follow up the implementation and the extent of adherence of each party to its responsibilities under the supervision of MHU.

2-The E-track electronic system for the domestic pilgrims: It is a number of systems and data found at a developed e-portal that shows the various service programs offered by the companies and agencies of domestic pilgrims. The Ministry ensures for those requesting to perform hajj the choice of suitable hajj packages, and allows for them to make electronic contracts on various services with the companies and agencies. It also provides an electronic system for payments of contracts in order to protect the pilgrims' rights. The MHU, through the e-portal, enables the process of transferring the requests for hajj permits, after contracting, to the systems of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in order to issue hajj permits.