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Umrah Weekly Indicator: KSA receives over 1,3 million pilgrims and issues 1,6 million visas

Umrah Weekly Indicator: KSA receives over 1,3 million pilgrims and issues 1,6 million visas

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, which launched the Umrah weekly indicator at the beginning of last Hijri year 1440, released the weekly stats till Thursday (Dec. 5) after accessing information such as the number of visas issued, footfall of pilgrims visiting the Kingdom via air, land or sea, and how highest number of nationalities entering the Kingdom.

The Ministry has announced the issuance of 1,647,662 visas and arrival of 1,386,183 pilgrims to the Kingdom, by the end of 5th of December 2019.

“Most pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom via air with a total of 1,328,647 pilgrims while 57,525 entered by land entry point and 11 pilgrims arrived via seaports,” the Ministry stated.

According to the Ministry, the highest number of pilgrims of various nationalities, entering the Kingdom are 373,984 Pakistanis, 347,424 Indonesians, 210,052 Indians, 78,806 Malaysians, 58,652 Turkish, 40,168 Bangladeshis, 39,220 Algerians, 26,836 Emiratis, 21,021 Iraqis, and 20,855 Jordanians.

Meanwhile, the number of pilgrims who left the Kingdom is 1,075,738 after completing Umrah.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has developed the Maqam online portal which allows the providers of services whether Umrah companies, hotels, or transportation companies on one hand, and the pilgrims and visitors of the prophet’s mosque, on the other hand, to contract directly through international travel platforms. All that works under Artificial Intelligence which allows documenting the whole contracting process and preserving the rights of both parties to achieve the highest levels of control and transparency among the parties.

Maqam portal connects the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the National Information Center to issue e-visas easily.